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Privacy Policy

This is an agreement between you, the visitor of, and us, Hocus Focus AS.

We collect anonymized site statistics using Google Analytics. Video playback is handled by Vimeo without tracking you.

We collect no personally identifiable information (PII) and no data is shared with third parties.

Site analytics

When you visit our site, we will store some basic statistics, using Google Analytics. This information includes which pages you visit and more.

You will receive a unique identification number, which your browser stores automatically as a cookie and send back to us each time you visit. This makes it possible for us to track your behavior on our site through multiple sessions, without knowing who you are.

Your anonymous identification data is retained for 26 months. Any non-PII data generated by your visit is considered property of Hocus Focus AS.

Video playback

Video playback is handled Vimeo, but your behaviour will not be tracked by Vimeo, Inc.

Contact information

For any questions or requests, please contact