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Monthly Archives: September 2016


For many of us, that means a trip to IKEA. The products recommended are the Vallentuna sofas with flexible sitting arrangements AND a hiding place for your guilty-pleasures such as chips. A classical chair called Norraryd, which make your family happy because everybody is comfortable sitting longer at the dinner table. Additionally, the chairs are […]

Stokke – Designed to be close

The commercial is saying it all about what kind of company Stokke aims to be and the products they are making – children’s quality necessities like the famous Tripp Trapp chair, the Xplory stroller and the sleepi bed. The slogan – Designed to be Close – makes a lot of sense together with images from […]

Don Martin – Diamanttyv

It is a film about how a boy from eastern suburbia Oslo became a master of stealing diamonds. Or more precisely, one particular diamond. Rumours have it that the whole heist theme is a metaphor for how Don stole the heart of his beloved. Co-starring Mr. Martinitio is the one and only Mr. Jan Vardøen, […]