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Monthly Archives: April 2015


Fun fact: In 2014 Norsk Resirk changed its name to Infinitum. The new name is inspired by the infinite number of times you can recycle a bottle or a can. So now you know… Directed by Simen Ahlsvik, produced by Tangrystan and post-produced by Ole-Arild Svendsen for Hocus Focus. Edited by Henrik Berge, colour grading […]


It is the fourth Mitsubishi film made in Norway using the slogan Home. Everywhere. The happy driver will always feel at home in the ASX and the film is this time around focusing on playfulness and the joy of driving. Edited at Hocus Focus by Thomas Løvig.


This time the company know how to make the perfect dish brush – for roasting tin, small pans with big ears and large mugs. A funny and sweet film with great coloured visuals directed by Erika Calmeyer, who is the brand new and very talented director at 4 ½. Produced by Benedicte Aubert Ringnes, post- […]


The campaign is a tribute to all the craftsmen out there from Metro Branding and Fantefilm. Directed by Johanne Helgeland, shot by Marianne Bakke and produced by Audun Lyngholm Wittenberg. Post-produced by Lene Albertsen and Hocus Focus: Henrik Berge (editor), Haavard Albertsen (colour grading) and Bengt Ove Sannes (online). Sound design by Vidar Grande.

Gabrielle – Mer

Director Kristoffer Klunk’s story is set in a post apocalyptic world, where a group of nomads collect the remains of a lost society. But as their collection grows bigger, so does their desire for more. All that glitters is not gold. This video was largely shot on Karmøy, an island located on the west coast […]