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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Oslo Push

With luscious photography from Andreas Langeland Bjørseth, colorgrading by Haavard Albertsen, music by Olefonken, all supervised by producer and director Ola-Markus Lisberg, you just long for the summer to arrive!

Synsam – The Thief

A game of intelligence where the suspense is created by the puzzle of who will outsmart whom. The smooth criminals are of course as much dependent upon a clear sight as a clear mind, and this is where Synsam’s range of spectacles and sunglasses comes in the picture frame. The slogan is Design Your Face […]

DiskJokke – Hear No Evil

The video centers around a female ballet dancer. Her raw physical expression and human texture are in focus. It’s all about capturing the human body and movement in its purest form. Post produced by Ole-Arild Svendsen. Edited by Henrik Berge, online and colour grading by Haavard Albertsen, and sound design by Preben Grieg-Halvorsen.


These are all films inspired by or shot on location in Finnmark and are premiering at TIFF. A short brief and tease on what to expect: BORDERLAND, directed by Aleksander Olai Korsnes and produced by Rein Film, is set back in 1985 and takes place along the border between Norway and the Soviet Union. What […]