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Monthly Archives: October 2013

IKEA – Used goods

The Autumn launch of the IKEA catalog was accompanied by an unusual advertising campaign which helped customers to sell the old furniture they wanted to replace. The TV commercials were produced by Animasjonsdepartementet with director Marc Reisbig and producer Jakob Thomessen. Edited by Thomas Løvig, grading by Mathias Theissen, online and vfx by Mathias Theissen […]

Mester Grønn

Norway’s largest wholly-owned chain of florists with more than hundred stores all over the country – from Tromsø in the north to Kristiansand in the south – is doing just that. In a bright living-room, we are lucky to meet a dancing family dressed up as flowers in bright colours, doing their moves of joy. […]

NRK Idents

A couple of years ago, the broadcaster of the public introduced new idents for its flagship channel NRK1, featuring a large blue ball, which appears in everyday Norwegian life. NRK1 previous idents had developed over ten years and featured scenery from around the country where some round object would form the “dot” in the R […]