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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Don Martin feat. Tommy Tee – Nilsen

Particularly on Oslo girls and boys, I would imagine. Don Martin wanted to create his own Oslo-Anthem, and his subjective description of Norway’s capital city is obviously recognised and shared by the many. And Don Martin might have a point, feeling the need of updating the beloved songs about Oslo from our most treasured artist […]

Hoff Opphøgde Poteter

The grand, old boys from Gjøvik and Vazelina Bilopphøggers are the greatest promoters of chopped up potatoes or pommes frites as most of us like to call it. Sitting at the kitchen table with an old radio, knitted Norwegian sweaters, talking with a charming and very recognisable dialect, the two can assure us that these […]

Möller’s – Det Sunne fra Fisken

It is aimed at the ones who are interested in fish, or more precisely think that fish has a multitude of nutrient that is good for your health. Möller’s – Det Sunne fra Fisken (=the healthful from the fish) is made of fresh trout from the cold and clean fjords of Norway. There is no […]

Jarlsberg Edel

The secret of success is the Norwegian recipe or so the story goes. However, perhaps even more unforgettable than the bit softer and more tasteful Jarlsberg Edel cheese is the commercial from the production company Animasjonsdepartementet. There is a pretty awesome use of slow-motion going on, as a tablecloth is drawn off a set table. […]

Jaa9 & OnklP – Full forvandling

Coming up: A brand new song and music video from Jaa9 & OnklP. Ten years after the release of their first album BONDEGRAMATIKK and five albums later, they are back on the scene with FULL FORVANDLING (= total transformation). From the locations of an amusement park and dark living rooms, there is no secret what […]