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Monthly Archives: April 2013


This is yet another challenging and diverting part of Hocus Focus’ portfolio, namely to bring graphic elements to life. The message from Brilleland is loud and clear: If you are in need of glasses of any kind, you can simply not afford to let this deal pass you by. And the deal is easy peasy, […]

Grilstad Salami

Like a comic strip in earthly colours and with thick lines of a pencil, it tells the story of a professor in search for the perfect sausage. The film starts up with the biographical story of this professor, who revisits the past to find the secret of the Salami. So he does, and with high […]


Like no other commercial promoting fashion, we are brought into what seems to be inside a pyramid in the land of Egypt, with old and pre-historic hieroglyphics from vanished times. Sand and parts of bricks are falling down beside what appears to be a beautiful woman with amazing eagle wings. As she raises and starts […]

Grandiosa Kebab

It is therefore an excellent idea to invite more than 250 extras to part-take in a promotional film for the new innovation of a product – Grandiosa Kebab. What an unbeatable combination! Director Steinjo Grieg-Halvorsen and Tangrystan Productions must have had their hands full, making sure that this bunch of people was filmed on green […]