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Monthly Archives: March 2013



Here is the message they are communicating: The unusual good usual chips are a world sensation from the manufacturer Sørlandschips. Usual chips from Sørlandschips are in fact an unusual good usual chips based on a brand new recipe. Confused? Well, so am I, and so are the men and women at the factory in white […]


Director Are Kleivan and producer and photographer Thomas Løkkeberg have made a visually sparkling and sprinkling vignette with a dash of glamour. The image of Anne-Kat as the femme fatal with the sharpest tongue in Norway is well taken care of. She appears in soft focus and seductive colours, as she takes a bite of […]

Showreel – Henrik Berge

Nidar Favoritter

Established in 1912 and with a history of more than a hundred year, Nidar is the leading supplier of sweets in Norway. With this vividly in mind, it is quite understandable why a brilliant animation film is made to promote Nidar Favoritter (= the favourite chocolates from Nidar put together in a bag). It brings […]