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Monthly Archives: February 2013


This is not only for the youngsters, and that is because health comes from within. From the heart, as a matter of fact, and this is seemingly the message of the latest commercial film from Vita. The butter is for everybody. The active and fit 40+ men playing football in the park and the family […]


The keyword is SKIING in all its shapes and forms: ski jumping, down hill skiing, slalom skiing, cross-country skiing, long-distance, short-distance, sprinting – the options are innumerable. And, yes, it is the World Championships these days. The championship also brings forward the great necessity to be well equipped, also for all of us glued to […]


The keyword is control. We are invited to join a charming, persistent and little bit annoying everyday father on his way from work via the grocery store and then home, to eat dinner with his family. All the way he is talking to the camera and us about the logic of everything around him including […]


The film hit you as hard as it should, promoting a global movement of more than 3 million supporters in over 150 countries. The hard core images appear as authentic documentary footage of situations you don’t want to see and placed you don’t want to be. The film campaign to end grave abuses of human […]


This fact might have overshadowed the other services so important to us from the old but transformable Norwegian state institutions with a long history of serving the public. The old dinosaur has also managed to keep up with time. In these digital times we must not forget the service Digipost. A film promoted this service […]