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Monthly Archives: January 2013


In a new campaign from the production company Small Film, Spaceworld tries to help us out with our struggles of communication (with a little help from the giant Telenor). Help with what? Well, to get the best out of our cell phones – which one to buy, where it works and why it is not […]

Gunnhild Sundli – Du er nær

The opening sequence of the sky, seagulls and the city of Oslo creates a kind of poetic realism that remains throughout the video. The low-key song provides calmness and the lyrics do the same. It is all filled with safety, honesty, faithfulness and love. Gunnhild has the exceptional ability to sing and perform in such […]

Morten Abel – Lost

No one will be disappointed – neither musically nor visually. As catchy and weird as ever before, we are taken back to the old days in a sort of ghostly version of Downton Abbey, with great costumes, masters and servants. There is no secret, of course, that Mr Abel is the master. However for the […]

St. Hallvard

Impressed because of the classy black and white shots of a surprisingly familiar story that manage to drag you into another world in no time. Curious because of the obvious reference to the cinematic version of Knut Hamsun’s HUNGER from 1966. Confused because what am I missing? What is the link between a starving Knut […]

Godt & Blandet

The latest commercial from Malaco has an excellent slogan as it incorporates several of the important features of the sweeties. The slogan “Farlig godt” (= Dangerously delicious) refers to the nervous and automatic eating of goodies while seeing something exciting at the cinema screen, especially thriller, horror, slasher or anything in between. In this short […]