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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Coming up: A brand new and shiny commercial from Jordan toothpaste, looking like a million dollars. Surrounded by dazzling white, and with highly creative effects as means, a Norwegian health celebrity is telling us that it is the small things in life that is important for a sound body. Like the icing on the cake, […]

TV3 Småbruket

To promote the brand new Norwegian reality-series SMÅBRUKET (= The Smallholding or The Small farm), the production company Fantefilm has made an excellent film in cooperation with TV 3. Once again the great divide between the city and the countryside is in focus. The fast and furious, noisy and tall, hard and cold City versus […]

TV3 Homsepatruljen

-At first I am not sure whether we are suppose to dance after the seductive rhythms of Kanye West’s massive hit “Stronger” OR be curious of images of well-dressed men. Well, we can do both. TV 3 is promoting a new season of the Norwegian reality-series HOMSEPATRULJEN. It is adapted from the original American series […]

Big One take away

The latest from Big One Pizza is created by the production company Trøbbel Film and it is a charming little film. It is perhaps playing with our laziness (what do I know) as a young and sweet pizza delivery boy is bringing pizza to the 40-something white male (in his underpants?). However, more important is […]

Mary N’Diaye “Big Dreamer”

The Swedish singer and songwriter Mary N’Diaye is perhaps an unfamiliar name in Norway. However, she is a celebrity in several African countries, and she participated in the television program The Voice in her home country in 2010. Thumbs up for Mary, as she appears not only to have a fabulous voice, but also as […]