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Monthly Archives: September 2012


There is seemingly an ocean of space between them. Brown walls and a pearl necklace is the key here. Suddenly they freeze. The taste of what they are slowly chewing makes them stop. And I love this part, when the music burst into happy-go-lucky and TATA – a large pig with a pink suit is […]


There are few things in life as touching as happy children and as vulnerable as children’s sad eyes. The beatifully coloured film almost radiate warmth and compassion, as we experience the contrast between the two – the happy and many, and the sad and lonely. Accompanied by the fragile voice of the MGP Jr. winner […]


Well, take a look at the fabulous new commercial campaign from the production company Fantefilm, and you will see that there is a possible link there. Oh yes, all the way back to the battle of Stiklestad and the iron helmets. Even more fascinating is it that the great Napoleon is involved too. Actually he […]