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Monthly Archives: September 2012


The main character of this film is unknown until the end of the commercial. However, there are certain things we can guess. We know that the person probably is a SHE because of the fact that the majority of staring eyes are male gazing. In a documentary- Steadiecam kind of way, we can be SHE […]


The production company Small Film is helped by the awesome cross-hill skiing brothers Aukland to brand Mercedes-Benz GLK (say no more). Safely behind the wheel and in the passenger seat of this amazing car, Anders asks Jørgen how another superhero – the one and only Petter Northug – REALLY performed in Marcialonga. With malicious pleasure, […]


The ambitious and alluring informative commercial takes us on a journey of Norwegian history. A history of war and piece, building up and tearing down, and of massive technological development. It is a story of change and of the messenger that is bringing us all together: Posten. The film starts and ends with Television News, […]


The film is actually shot in the home of the duo in the outskirts of Valdres. Tonsåsen is where they live out their creative life, in an old and abandoned train station building. The film is nice, quirky and contradictory in terms, just as the whole concept of Arne & Carlos: It is all so […]


This rather unpleasant situation kick-starts the new commercial campaign from Dannon in cooperation with the production company Tangrystan. Activia with strawberries is the product in focus. We are no longer talking about the Activia we promoted some time ago, in which the consumption of it was caused by a serious problem of bad digestion. We […]