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Monthly Archives: August 2012


Coming up is the promo for KJENDISBARNEVAKTEN (=the celebrity baby-sitter) from the production company Fantefilm. It is quite funny that a company known for its horror movies – like The Cold Prey trilogy – is responsible for promoting childcare. Together with director Thomas Cappelen Malling (also famous for his Norwegian Ninja film in which everything […]


Bagsy is the worlds largest optical sorting robot owned by the municipality of Oslo and the department of disposal (REN). The story about Bagsy is a sad story with a happy ending. Nothing is better than a happy ending, so we choose to focus on that. Bagsy is the worlds largest optical sorting robot owned […]

Mills Kaviar

Director Jens Lien and the production company Einar Film has made yet another super charming commercial film, inspired by the events of real life procedures. Mills caviar was already launched in 1952 and is a spread eaten and enjoyed on slices of bread by generations of Norwegians. Perhaps the thrill of childhood memories is sneaking […]


The city is the main character of this film, with its grey charm and its graffiti on high-rise block walls. The youngsters are the coolest of the cool skaters, basketball players, street dancers and bikers. The fingernails on the girls’ hands are long and coloured, the black leather is thick and the sneakers are all […]

We love the slogan “Trusted by Geeks since 1996”. It is both humorous and reflects the historical force of an IT net company operating for more than 10 years. A funny and perhaps ironic comment to our contemporary time and development. We are aware that a geek knows his stuff, and the geeks of Komplett […]