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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tone Damli feat. Eric Saade – Imagine

Everything in this video looks great and the visuals are fantastic. The location (the house, the boat, the swimming pool and the view), the people (the beautiful and smiling couple – or are they not a couple? The lyrics need another review…) and not to forget the coloration of it all. It is like the […]

The Rocka

The feature film is already a much discussed and debated production, because it initially was declined ordinary public viewings at the cinemas in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. Many thought this to be both film politically strange and unfair, as the reviews were good. Anyhow, the film belongs to a genre of our time, the mockumentary, […]

The Delta Centre

The film is shot on 5D and the locations are key places in Oslo like inside and outside of the Central Station. By using fast-motion, the crowds of people are anonymous. However by occasionally slowing down, we notice those with specific needs and how they are able to manoeuvre through markings, elevators, door openers, guide […]

The man in green called Jason, who is telling us about Restplass, the most well-known travel agency in Norway on The Internet, might be our saviour. When the craving for a hot summer is getting irresistible, he can offer us cheap, remaining plane tickets, trips to the big cities and adventures to the Mediterranean countries. […]


A girl is playing the world famous piece “Für Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven from 1810 on glasses filled with juice, which is a little event in itself. However, the atmosphere of the long outdoor table, the warmth and the colours of summer are unbeatable. A huge, happy family, bridging generation gaps and eating delicious […]