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Monthly Archives: May 2012


The new commercial film from Small Film for Wilfa is giving some support to those of us who perhaps feel a little bit exhausted about the thought of making sure that each member of the family digest a mountain of fruit every day. First the film confirms that YES it is a whole lot of […]


Last autumn Sunniva was looking for people with sunshine in their heart and mind”, and they found Hamisi: A nice, always smiling, positive and optimistic guy from Congo. The thirty-year-old man fled from his home country and the war after loosing all of his family. First, he was a refugee in the neighbour country Uganda […]

Kiss / Kollen Summer Festival

It is not just “anybody” who is visiting the capital of Norway in these, hopefully warm, summer days. RIHANNA. Say no more. However, over the course of 2 days, 26 national and international artists do their thing on 3 stages, and among the celebrities are some legends. How legendary are perfectly and humoristically illustrated by […]

Felleskjøpet – again

It gave those working with nature and land new pride and an upgraded image. Now their back. In numerous versions of the original film, they are promoting everything from dog food to huge, rough, tough and green John Deere agricultural tractors, which are shown in the video above. The film still works exceptionally well, even […]


The trailer is edited by Ove Kenneth Nilsen and Thomas Løvig, with sound design by Preben Grieg-Halvorsen and colour grading and VFX by Haavard Albertsen. The music is created by ELEVATOR was shot at Panavision studios in Los Angeles during fall 2010 and is an American-Norwegian co-production from Quite Nice Pictures in association with […]