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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Første skudd

Together with photographer Magnus Flatå’s camera, director and producer Heggland spends numerous hours down town Oslo called Plata. From the darkest corner of our city, he is showing us a part of our reality most of us do not want to see. That is a brave thing to do. To be able to capture the […]

Nyt Norge

The film is all about the miracle of our foods, nurtured, growing and harvested through four seasons. According to this informative film, the “miracle” of our food lay just here, in the variety of the seasons and the climate. This film presents it all: The impact fresh air, clean water and natural fertilisers have on […]

Cafe Bakeriet

Another fact is that Sætre and the familiar cock-in-the-sunrise logo, going strong from 1983, has a market share of more than 60 per cent. Hence big business and well done! Back to those amazing crackers and cookies: The commercial of the day might get us to eat even more crackers, because you can now get […]

Grønt Punkt

He is singing as great, pompous and grandiose as only he can, with a little bit of irony, humour and nonsense. Switching between Norwegian and English, he is sweeping over a broad and important area, both visually and lyrically, bringing the message to the people of Norway: We can recycle everything, so why don’t we? […]


The film might initially be mistaken as the work of Swedish director Roy Andersson, with its grumpy old man of a doctor accompanied by a still camera and greyish, anonymous colours. It is not. It is the work of director Mikkel Ohrvik and the production company Small film. Nothing is happening, really, except keying and […]