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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mannen fra Isødet

The up and coming writer and director Henrik Dahlsbakken has yet again created an impressive short film. Hocus Focus was fortunate enough to work on his last short film “The Time in Between” from 2010 – a beautiful film about the forbidden relationship between two young girls, filled with the tension and nostalgia of war. […]


In addition, it is full of great and not so great dance moves, more precisely the hot and trendy roof dancing. There is something totally irresistible about these commercials, with its coloured light bulbs, young and pretty people and intense music beat. From the mobiles… enhanced by strange and inventive ways of storage. We love […]


Our man from Lilyhammer (2011), director Trond Fausa Aurvåg, knows all about the life of stars, of course. He is using that knowledge to present two amazing films, giving us an insight into the impressing capacity of the two Norwegian celebrities; comedian Henriette Steensrup and former athlete (and comedian?) Daniel Franck. However, even pure talents […]

The ABCs of Death

The director Thomas Malling, who made the incredible “Norwegian Ninja” in 2010, is one of the chosen directors. Inspired by children’s educational books, what soon will become a feature film is comprised of twenty-six individual chapters; each guided by an assigned letter given to the different directors. The sum of these parts, from A to […]


FLT believes, according to their website, that “when many stand together, we can achieve results for the individual”. After this short introduction, back to the film: The one thing communicated in this short information / promotion film is that FLT can help you moving forward in your carrier and your working situation. It is really […]