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Monthly Archives: February 2012


We love New York (who doesn’t?) and in these two films from director Axel Lindahl, we get a lot of New York. Shots of one stylish, moving girl with many excellent outfits and additional accessories are put together with multi-cuts of the city that never stops to fascinate. It is like a great collage of […]

Team Me

The debut album ”To the Treetops” has been given a lot of attention, and sent the band touring in our long stretched country. However, also international touring, we must add. A tour in Europe and warming up for The Wombats (Techno Fan, remember?) is really not so shabby. Well, back to the music video ”Show […]

Jernia Winter Campaign

We also recognize the nice, handsome but ordinary man from last autumn (or was it last spring?) who again can inform us in a straight and understandable way about the terms and conditions of this excellent deal. This is how it goes: Bring your old frying pan or kettle to the nearest Jernia store and […]

Peppes Pizza

Nothing is better in this biting February cold, than thinking about the sun. California IS sun and Peppes IS pizza. Hence, Peppes California Style pizza is an unbeatable combination and should be easy to promote. This is exactly what the waiter and the pizza baker are discussing in the commercial from Peppes Pizza. Side-kicking to […]

Möller’s dobbel

In the very competent hands of director Lasse Gretland, the style and story is certainly on a high level. And it is refreshing to see black and white images so attractive and used with such grace. The familiar and very recognisable green coloured box of Möller’s vitamins is the only coloured reference point of the […]