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Monthly Archives: February 2012


Confetti in green and yellow, the colours of Rikstoto, does in this case – I believe – involve money. Lots and lots of money. More specifically, 42 millions NOK of them. In line with the way Rikstoto is presented before, and the way this familiar game is played, we meet ordinary people who might be […]


The close-up images of familiar things like a wristwatch, CDs, shoes, books, camera and clothes are covered by a warm light. The joy and ordinariness of pictures from a summer holiday, a lipstick and a handbag is accompanied by a soft music and a voice-over – more peaceful and balanced than the nostalgia of childhood […]

Anti Jeans

We are looking into a room like a peeping Tom, observing a girl with long, black hair in her black underwear. She looks pretty, however she is rather far away and the room is thrifty light. She is looking at what might be a television, while taking on her black jeans. Then, a heart attack […]

Paradise Hotel 2012

There is no use arguing against the bold statement that Paradise is the hottest series on Norwegian television screens during this cold, cold winter. Just take a look at the new promotion film from director Kenneth Olaf Hjellum and the production company Fantefilm. There you will find Glamour, Champaign, Blond hair, Blinking Eyes and little […]


Apart from having animals (thank heaven) and being the home of Julius the chimpanzee, it is the home of the cruel pirate Kaptein Sabeltann AND the people and robbers of Kardemomme by. See and listen to this tiny, tiny film from Dyreparken fronted by ring-tailed lemurs and the lovely employees of the zoo in turquoise, […]