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Monthly Archives: January 2012

TV3 Identities

The three films produced by Fredrik Pryser and the production company Fredrik Fiction are surely short glimpses of delight, providing the channel with good Norwegian vibrations from all over the country. What they all have in common is the zooming out from a part of the image to the wider framing, which gives the films […]

Son of Light – Safe & Sound

A little girl is surrounded by demons in a cellar. She is saved by the Light and they are running away in a red Mustang. At the same time, in another place, a man is surrounded by enemies outside his house. When day turns to night, he is transformed into a Kendo Warrior, and is […]


Now the whole of winter Norway is on sale at Widerøe. The Norwegian Airline Widerøe can bring you across our long-stretched country. In January and February Widerøe can even do so to reduced prices. The new campaign with a splendid film illustrates the company’s mission perfectly, and it sure looks tempting! The airline is the […]

Mr. Melk for Christmas

This time he is standing in front of a fireplace (a white one, of course), twisting and turning his hips as he is introducing his Christmas album. Oh yes, Mr. Melk’s “White Christmas” featuring Mr. Teisen, only for you at his very own Facebook site. We can only keep on singing into the New Year […]