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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Jernia Jul

However, for others, it is certainly worth reminding about all the wonderful potential Christmas presents. For instance the bowls from the Finnish design Iittala, electric toothbrushes, kettles, pans and food processor. As the slogan from Jernia tells us: Real products from the jubilant of sixty years – Jernia has Christmas presents for everybody! The film […]

There is no doubt that the company’s founders are set out to be completely and utterly nerds themselves. Komplett is with these new films doing their second commercial campaign with their equally new advertising agency ACNE in Sweden. The production company Babusjka with Mads Astrup Rønning and Susanne Falkum Løvik have produced and directed both […]


Last year a bundle of Norwegian authors decorated the Libris store with their books. This year they are really putting themselves out there. When our most beloved authors (like Vigdis Hjort and Erlend Loe) and a few controversial ones (Ari Behn?) are releasing their latest work, it is an event in itself. When they are […]

Nissene over skog og hei

Twenty-four episodes of 11 minutes pure pleasure. The plot is same old, same old: Twenty-four Santas, someone new, someone old, are split into two teams of The Grey Beards and The White Beards. One Santa must leave after votes and heavy competition in each episode. With more force than ever before, the series are making […]


You know, the black or brown eyelash wonder brush that might transform the girls and ladies (and sometimes the gentlemen too) to irresistible Femme Fatals. Oh, yes, and we can’t think of no one else to make the commercial for Isadora more exquisite, elegant and convincing than director and producer Joon Brandt. We love working […]