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Monthly Archives: November 2011


What is PitchFork? One of the largest New Music Portals in the United States of America – no more, no less. Bloggers in both US and England have already written about the release on various music portals: “The video has an incredibly strong Norwegian theme, reflecting the beauty of the country. Shot incredibly well and […]

300 sekunder

The project is financially supported by the Norwegian Film Institute, produced by the production company Indiefilm and distributed on VG’s WebTV-channel VGTV. The seven well established directors; Even Benestad, Erling Borgen, Tommy Gulliksen, August B. Hanssen, Solveig Melkeraaen, Thor Bekkavik and Kenneth Elvebakk, have created six individual and separate short documentaries of five minutes. Watching […]

Coop Prix

Coop Prix is repeating previous years success with commercial films including people we know and those we don’t know. All of them have one thing in common: They are misunderstanding the one-for-two deal that the Coop Prix stores have on offer. We all remember Anna Anka and her taking the cut in costs for a […]

Finnland season 2

The charming couple Michael and Johanne is split into actively taking part on two different teams for each stop. Travelling from the North to the South of Norway, the participants are competing on the basis of various problems they wish to renovate, fix or repair. And as can help them with, of course. One […]

The Norwegian Nurses Organisation

In four films and one music video, we are reminded of just that. They are our everyday heroes, the warm hands, the efficiency in crises, the support and competence during emergencies, our lifelines in the darkest hours. And the nurses are given a face and an identity in these films directed by Thor Bekkavik and […]