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Monthly Archives: October 2011


The sense of calm, balanced, happy and in-love feeling of the images is rendered concrete by two beautiful people and the slogan “Everybody deserves to shine a little” – so lovely. The feminine part of Hocus Focus are not sure what they want the most: The movie-like romance with pirouettes in the sun, or the […]


It might seem like a sweet proposal to the 70s generations and those older, who perhaps had more “washing-friendly” mums, than the younger ones (where is the hired cleaner?). We can sense the smell of the original grønnsåpe while watching the commercials. Together with the easygoing music and the total harmony of mum, dad, cute […]

UK Music Video Awards 2011

The directors Lars Åndheim (also editor), Christoffer Lossius, photographer and editor Espen Gulbrandsen and the production company Filmfaktisk. The Hocus Focus team is both happy and proud to have been involved and coloured such a quality project. Mathias Theissen worked together with the directors on the important colour grading, to create the ambiguous soft and […]


Lerum’s premium jam brand (Lerums Utvalde) was recently awarded two golden stars in the Superior Taste Award, also called the Michelin Guide of Food. To celebrate, this place bound company from Sogn, rich in traditions and with roots back to 1907, has created at television campaign. Together with the advertising agency Bates and the production […]


By doing all the work for us, of course: Cutting the vegetables, cutting the fish and pouring the wine. The stroke of genius is to freeze and dry it, for so to split the good stuff in a double bag. One for the fluid and the other for the rest of the ingredient. And there […]