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Monthly Archives: August 2011


Quite amusingly, Toro write on their homepage that one of the most frequently asked questions in Norway is: What’s up for dinner? The films answer this question and thus strengthen the claims from Toro to have some of the countries best answers of what you should eat: Whether it is young ones with chefs’ hats […]

Tine IsKaffe

This is how it goes: Tine IsKaffe is supposed to give your body new energy. However your mind do also need new impulses – food for thought. Therefore, one in five different films, which will “bring you further in two minutes”, is recommended to be digested together with an ice-coffee. On each and every box […]


This is what we, as an audience, will be lucky enough to partake in with this documentary. A journey that the directors have defined as frustrating, hysterically funny and rewarding. Hocus Focus is happy to have been involved in the film, even though on a minor level, as Ove Kenneth Nilsen has edited the trailer. […]

Son of Light

The artist is Son of Light featuring Son Tzu. We are also getting silhouette glimpses of Tommy Tee and, of course, we are in the world of hip hop (we are now trying to avoid the whole Tommy Tee-as-the-Godfather-of-Norwegian-rap-and-hip-hop thing here). However it sounds great, as it cross-cuts between the hooded and static Son of […]

Robinsonekspedisjonen 2011

It is obvious that a war is on the verge of breaking loose. Not only have the brave contestants been attacked by a cyclone that almost put a stop to the whole production. Internally, there is a war between the young ones and the old ones at the island. Put in such a perspective, the […]