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Monthly Archives: April 2011

PlayStation3 – The Movemen

The message from the ministry of move is clear: Join the movement and get the MoveMen to your party at The campaign is even noticed abroad. As Donald Melanson is writing in Engadget (see “…it looks like the company’s (Sony) entered an entirely different realm in Norway. It’s just rolled out a new […]

Abyss, Tripoli and Grorud

Here, the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer planned and started up one of the world’s most distinctive building projects in 1966. Niemeyer’s International Fairground was never completed because of the civil war. Today, it obtains significance by serving as a monumental graveyard to an “architectural relic of a stranded vision” and to a “vanished optimism in […]

Maria Mena “I Was Made For Loving You”

Who would have put money on that the tender, emotional and delicate miss Mena´s new single would turn up to be an interpretation of the monster hit I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU BABY from the heavy band KISS? The result is heavenly and removes any doubt that interpretation is everything. The song is supported […]