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Monthly Archives: January 2011


Productionwise, the film was a demanding process with an impressing set, pushing Norwegian limits. Hocus Focus partook in the pre-production planning and Tor Øra (3D) was on location during the shoot (photographed by Simon Hawken), supervising that everything went as planned. And of course it did, with such a bunch of professional and high quality […]

From A to Å

This time around, director Emil Trier has made a short but grand film, given by the location of a huge church and an everlasting mountaintop. The idea spins on the well-known slogan “From A to Å” which here becomes from ahhh (choir singing) to åhhh (snowboarder falls). Very clever. We at Hocus Focus have had […]

Canal Digital Competition

Canal Digital admits that their broadcasts are not better than the real thing. So, in cooperation with their long-time companion TRY, the program provider has made an excellent commercial promoting a brand new competition. Are you as sharp in your knowledge about football as the images are in HD, your sofa can actually be picked […]

Statens Vegvesen

Post production by Punch Postproductions AS- Sound design by Preben Grieg-Halvorsen.

VG After the game

Post production by Punch Postproductions AS. Sound design by Preben Grieg-Halvorsen.