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Mitsubishi Outlander

Produced by Anja Kristiansen and 4 1/2 Reklame. Offline editing by Jens Christian Fodstad. Postproduced by Jon Anders Klausen and Hocus Focus: online and grading by Haavard Albertsen, sound editing by Erik Ljunggren.


We learn that by simply using the 100% natural Bremykt for cooking and baking, you become a runner up for President in the United States of America. Or you might win awards and get so popular that no less than a statue is sculptured of you for the ever after. It might be hard to […]

Bjørklund Summerfilm

Postproduction by Hocus Focus. Post produced by Pia Røe Nyhus. Edited by Ove Kenneth Nilsen. Grading by Haavard Albertsen. Sound editing by Preben Grieg-Halvorsen. Music by Indianarane.

Nidar – Polly

Directed by Rasmus Sivertsen. Produced by Irene Sødal Didrichson and Qvisten Animation. Post-produced by Pia Røe Nyhus. Online and grading by Bengt Ove Sannes. Sound design by Preben Grieg-Halvorsen.

Heart of Lightness

Postproduction on the feature film by Hocus Focus: Editing by Ove Kenneth Nilsen. Grading by Haavard Albertsen. Online by Shanon Moratti and Mathias Theissen. Postproducer is Ole-Arild Svendsen. The film has it’s world premiere at Colosseum Kino in Oslo on 28th of may, with the rest of Norway following 30th May.