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That’s right, vert (as in vertical) skateboarding is here to stay and for some early summer days, national as well as international performers and fans gathered for ramp skating at the Hang-Up vert contest in Horten Skate Park. With high-flying jumps and jams, the skaters excelled with incredible achievements in the more than 13-meter wide ramp.
The driving forces behind the arrangement are enthusiasts Martin Haavde and Gunnar Løge. Løge has built ramps for skaters in Norway for many, many years. He has put down endless hours to help skaters and the excistens of a skater environment. Haavde is a vert skater with many years of experience, and impressively enough he is still going strong with high class and great style after the age of 40. He will continue to create a vert happening that encourages vert skating and helps recruiting new skaters, as well as giving the more experienced riders a goal to push for.
Hocus Focus saw this arrangement as a great event and took the opportunity to make a contribution - with pleasure. There was no official prizemoney included in the contest, so part of the first prize was a top quality promotional film from us. Mats Hatlem - Norway's greatest skating talent at the age of 14 - won the whole competition. Together with his father Petter Hatlem, Hocus Focus put together Mats’ film worthy a champion, edited by Thomas Løvig and colour graded by Mathias Theissen.
Mats Film

With the joint efforts of every guy and doll in Hocus Focus, two additional films were also made for various purposes.
One main film “HANG UP”, directed by Kristoffer Klunk, shot by Martin J. Edelsten and Magnus Flåto, with additional photo by Ole-Arild Svendsen and Henrik Berge. Editing by Henrik Berge and colour grading by Haavard Albertsen. Much thanks to Lemaitre for great music and free use of the excellent “The friendly sound”.
Hang-Up Main Film

Ove Kenneth Nilsen has edited a short promotional film for the arrangement, and again, much thanks to Torgny Amdam who has given us free use of his music from his new album “Oil panic” – mixed by our own Preben Grieg-Halvorsen. Colour grading by Haavard Albertsen.
Promo Film

Conclusion: A great experience with an equally great result. We at Hocus Focus are thankful and inspired by all the energy from the crew and contestants of the event and by taking part in the production from A to Å.